Money Saving, Bill Analysis – Episode 1 with Asama

Money Saving, Bill Analysis – Episode 1 with Asama

In this episode, Mathematics student Asama Qureshi joins us to invent an app that will save you money on your bills. We also discuss a magnetic see-through white-board, and set out to reinvent the ball!

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About Asama

Asama Qureshi is completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics at the University of Monash. His interests range from astrophysics to robotics, and he originally started his studies to learn how to make robots.

We had a great time chatting with Asama. Given it was our first ever episode, we took our time easing into the real meaty material, but felt comfortable. We’ve all been friends, hanging out together for quite some time, so the conversation was free-flowing, and we were all ready to build upon each other’s suggestions.

The Money-Saving Bill Analyser

Probably everyone reading this wants to save money.  Toomas came up with an especially awesome app idea. Part bill analyser, part service broker, this is an app that we believe will save the user significant amounts of money. The real profits, however, are for the taking for anyone who takes the lead on making this app. Imagine being paid by energy, telco, and other service companies, to save their customers money! Furthermore, add a bill-pay feature into the app infrastructure, and charge a minuscule transaction fee to increase revenue streams

Reinventing the Ball

I especially enjoyed the blitz round at the end, where we discussed a little-known extra feature for panic rooms, and also took on the gigantic task of trying to reinvent the ball. When the NBA tried to do it in 2006, it was met with some kick back. But that was for a sport that already exists. What insane sports of the future could be born out of a ball with a mind of its own? I know one magical sport that comes to mind…

Finally, over to you, Million Dollar Community! The comments section below is yours, tell us what ideas you liked, and how would you take them to the next level?

Among these ideas there were plenty more. Here are the main highlights to listen for:

  • Bill Collecting App [05:25]
  • The Spam Newsletter [19:50]
  • Ads for Ad-Blockers [25:40]
  • Magnetic See-Through Whiteboard [28:04]
  • The Hot-to-Trot T-Shirt [34:25]
  • 5-Word Frenzy [35:55]
  • Reinventing the Ball [38:10]

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