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Food For Thought – Episode 8 with Nicole

16th April 2018

In this episode, we chat with Nicole O’Block. Using our improv skills, we come up with an idea for an awesome new TV series, further the concept of the Smart Fridge, and our 5 Word Frenzy leads to a breakthrough in food coma technology! About Nicole Nicole O’Block is a perennial expat and jack-of-all-trades. Originally from Pennsylvania, USA, Nicole has taken to a life of travel. With a background as an ESL teacher, Nicole uses her teaching skills to lay down her roots in places like Vietnam, South Korea, New Zealand, and now Australia. Nicole is passionate about trying new things, and believes travel is the most important thing for the soul!       Listen now! Community Gardens We asked Nicole what she would do, given infinite resources, to make the world a better place. Nicole’s idea for funding more community gardens really took root with me (pardon the pun). Subsistence farming - growing enough food for yourself/your family - is an important skill for all of us. Not only is it more sustainable, but it’s better for the environment, too! Plus, should you ever find yourself in a pinch for food, having access to your own plot of land, with fresh fruit and veggies that you grew, can be such a big difference! But more than the usefulness of your own farm, the sense of community that builds from such an activity can’t be beat. We encourage all our listeners and readers to check out their local community garden. Click here to find your local one! Battle Jail We decided to try something new! When we lived in Hanoi, Nicole and I were part of The Hanoi Improv Society, and the most fun would be coming up with all kinds of new ideas. Given how much I love watching TV shows, I decided it would be great to come up with our own! Using our trusty random word generator, we created a TV show about a young Amish man who finds himself in a high-security prison. One day, a ladder comes down from above, and a battle Royale to escape ensues! Check out the behind-the-scenes video on our YouTube channel to see how it turns out…  Food By A Smart Fridge We asked Nicole what kinds of ideas she wanted to focus on. Without missing a beat, she told us, “Food!” We’ve been kicking around an idea for an AI food preparation system for some time. From there, we rolled it into a fridge that will keep track of the ingredients in it, as well as telling you recipes as you make them. The idea soon got bigger and bigger, until we had a whole smart kitchen, with all the parts integrated with each other, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable cooking experience. What do you think? Keep in touch with us! • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Steemit Need something visual? Watch the video podcast on YouTube More Episodes

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