An Entrepreneur of Acceleration – Episode 3 with Vivienne

An Entrepreneur of Acceleration – Episode 3 with Vivienne

In this episode, we chat with entrepreneur Vivienne Le. We discuss what it takes to start your own business, the lessons learnt from volunteering, and the power of people. We also learnt a lot about “The Age of Acceleration”, a theory which has ramifications for everyone over the coming years. Read on for powerful insights and money-making shortcuts!

This episode is Part 1 of what turned out to be an incredible conversation! Tune in and check back here on Thursday for our Million Dollar Ideas.


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About Vivienne

First and foremost, Vivienne Le is an entrepreneur. She is completing her Bachelor of International Business at Monash University. She recently worked for McCann Erickson World Group in Beijing, which is one of the top Advertising and Marketing agencies in the world. You may know them from this ad about Dumb Ways To Die. After successfully establishing a start-up connecting volunteers with opportunities in Beijing, Vivienne is on the cusp of beginning her next venture, as well as moving to California to complete an MBA at UC Berkley.

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The Value of Volunteering as an Entrepreneur

Due to her experience as an entrepreneur, we thought to ask Vivienne for tips on how to start a venture, and she gave us a gold-mine of wisdom. Vivienne describes volunteering as a drug, and says that the key lessons she takes with her into business today, come from her time as a volunteer co-ordinator. It seems like the old ways of doing business required some degree of hardness, or brutish force to achieve results. However, Vivienne believes the opposite is true. While good business acumen is handy, she tells us that harnessing the power of people, and seeking to understand each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, is the key to building a truly great team of people.


The Power of Happiness

Almost all the old textbooks on business success would tell you that to be successful, you need to work long hours, sacrifice what you love, and make that money. Rather than operate that way, Vivienne has found her path to success paved with happiness, by doing what brings positivity to her, and the people around her. She shared a touching story about a patient at Song Tang Hospice, who at 94, still maintains her vitality and youthfulness through one not-so-secret trick: Happiness. By holding on to a positive outlook regardless of her circumstances, Vivienne also perseveres and succeeds continually.

The Age of Acceleration

Leading up to our interview with Vivienne, we checked up on one of her key influences, Thomas L. Friedman. He is a three-time Pullitzer Prize-winning author, who – among other things – proposed that the curiosity quotient and passion quotient put together, far outweigh the intelligence quotient (IQ) that is usually so coveted in education. We discussed his theory of The Age of Acceleration, and what that means for entrepreneurs looking to develop the next big innovation, or even just looking to get rich quick. Vivienne’s insights are surely ones we will carry with us through the rest of our careers, and we hope you enjoy them too. Check out Thomas Friedman’s theory, and tell us what you think! 


The Rejection Challenge

I LOVED this idea so much. Go out, and get rejected! By building up a tolerance to hearing “no” – a word you will hear countless times as an entrepreneur – you can learn a lot about yourself. The premise is simple. Over the next 5 days, go out and get rejected 5 times. Ask favours of strangers that you know they won’t accept, like “Can I borrow $500?”, and see what happens! It’s that simple! Head over to our Facebook post about this and tell us what happened when you tried to get rejected? This idea originally stems from the 100 Days of Rejection


Thomas L. Friedman

Hayden White

Dr. Giovanni Di Lieto (Monash University)

100 Days of Rejection by Jia Jiang

Among these ideas there were plenty more. Here are the main highlights to listen for:

  • High Key Putin Sex Appeal – 1:30
  • Vivienne’s First Business Experience – 3:15
  • Volunteering is a Drug – 5:00
  • Lessons For Entrepreneurs – 6:35
  • People Power – 11:10
  • Common Traits of High Performers – 12:33
  • Song Tang Hospice – 14:00
  • Finding Your Passion – 17:05
  • What Makes You Happy? – 20:10
  • The Age of Acceleration – 21:14
  • The Need for Empathy – 24:30
  • How To Get Rich Quick – 26:22
  • The Key to Long-Term Success – 30:15
  • The Rejection Challenge – 33:37
  • Plan Vivienne’s Day – 38:23

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