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Have a listen to Season 1 of Million Dollar Podcast. From a bill-collecting app that can save you hundreds of dollars each month, to working out how you can make millions sending flowers to space, these episodes are sure to have something for you. Our guests range from human rights activists to app developers, international diplomats to acrobats. Go ahead, listen now!

Food Thought Media Entertainment TV Show Series

Episode 8: Food For Thought

In this episode, we chat with Nicole O’Block. Using our improv skills, we come up with an idea for an awesome new TV series, further the concept of the Smart Fridge, and our 5 Word Frenzy leads to a breakthrough in food coma technology! Read on for more, and listen nowiTunes or Stitcher

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art feminism stephanie leigh podcast guest empowerment

Episode 7: Art By Choice, Art For Life Part 2

In this episode, we discuss the Augmented Reality Art Gallery, Laser Guided Tattoo Pens, and our 5 Word Frenzy breaks down barriers. This episode is part 2 of our chat with Stephanie Leigh. You can read about and listen to part 1 here. Listen now! iTunes or Stitcher

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art feminism stephanie leigh podcast guest empowerment

Episode 6: Art By Choice, Art For Life

In this episode, we chat with Stephanie Leigh, who shares what it’s like being an artist. Along with the struggles of being defined as a feminist, Stephanie talks about what success looks like. Read on for a powerful insight into feminism, and the art of being a woman.

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entrepreneur acceleration business woman

Episode 3: Entrepreneurship and the Power of People

In this episode, we chat with Vivienne Le. We discuss what it takes to start your own business, lessons from volunteering, and the power of people. We also learnt about Thomas Friedman’s theory “The Age of Acceleration”. Read on for powerful insights and money-making shortcuts!

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Mental Health, Sexual Identity, Religion, Spirituality, Technology

Episode 2: Mental Health, and Pet Social Media

In this episode, we chat with Idris Martin. In addition to discussing the experience of being a queer Muslim, and youth mental health, we also set about inventing and pricing up a dash cam for cats. This episode was a non-stop ride of laughter, emotion, and insight. Read on for more details!

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Episode 1: Motors, Magnets, and Mathematics with Asama

Asama Qureshi is completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics at the University of Monash. His interests range from astrophysics to robotics, and he originally started his studies to learn how to make robots. Read the full blog post here.

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